Sunday , 1 August 2021

David Hanson addresses issues with care at Sunnyside Manor

MLA for Two Hills-St. Paul-Lac La Biche, David Hanson, took his time during the Legislature’s Members Statements to address some issues with care at Sunnyside Manor, located in St. Paul.

MLA Hanson attributes the carbon tax to rises costs to operate the facility and to be able to provide the same level of care that residents had experience prior to the tax.

“I would like to speak to, the obvious lack of respect by the NDP Government, to our seniors,” Hanson set the tone very sternly in his opening statements.

The MLA spoke of the Sundre West Country Centre that is in threat of closing due to the increased operational costs, related to the tax. He fears the same fate may be in store for many other senior facilities.

“I received correspondence from the east area manager of laboratory services for AHS (Alberta Health Services),” Hanson states that the letter was addressed to the Sunnyside Manor residents.

“Regarding a change in mobile requisitions, dated May 8th,” as he explains, “previously, a lab tech would come by once per week for scheduled blood work. Often as many as 20 residents would be lined up and this convenient senior-friendly service was expedited. But no more.”

Rather than the lab tech coming to the manor, AHS would like for the seniors to find adequate transportation to come to the lab. He reads a quote from the letter, “if finding adequate transportation is an issue, there are many options; such as, the Action bus which is ran through the Town of St. Paul for a small fee, utilizing cabs or family members.”

“So residents can bundle up and go sit in the emergency ward of the hospital exposing themselves to the virus-of-the-day?” Hanson questions this method.

“Oddly enough, this service is still available to the patients in extended care, the facility next door, just metres away.”

He ponders, “I wonder how many levels of management at AHS and meetings of the minds it took to come up with this cost saving measure? I wonder if any thought was given at any time to eliminate a management position rather than cut this service to seniors. Or is it just easier to hit the most vulnerable who don’t have a voice?”

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