Thursday , 24 June 2021

Team Fire takes 3rd Annual Charity Hockey Game

Cold Lake Fire Rescue have defeated the Cold Lake RCMP in a friendly hockey game, 7-4. Saturday’s game marked the third time these two emergency services team have met on the ice, and the first time Team Fire has taken the cup.

Honourary coach for Team Fire, Mayor of Cold Lake, Craig Copeland joked that the score , “wasn’t even close. We had great pace, first and second period we came out really strong.” The mayor jokingly wore a Don Cherry-esq suit for the game and contributed a lot of the team’s success to the suit.

Team Fire was able to pull out the win with many members out on the field, fighting a fire on Cold Lake First Nations.

“We lost a lot of our players and support. People in the stands had to go fight this fire and that’s how dedicated Cold Lake Fire Rescue are.”

Money raised from admission, 50/50 and other efforts at the game, went to Cold Lake Victim Services, a worthy cause, said Mayor Copeland.

“Whenever you’re a victim of a crime or impacted by someone who is lost [unexpectedly], they are there to help. They have a lot of counselors and support systems,” the mayor refers to the organization as, “unsung heroes”.

“We hear about Fire Rescue and the RCMP, because they are on the scene. Victim Services deal with the people afterwards.”

Along with a great game of hockey, full of hi-jinx and laughter for the crowd’s amusement, the game featured a skills competition and a fun shoot out.

There was also a tribute to long-time Victim Services advocate and volunteer, Linda Howe. Linda spent 25 years with Victim Services and has decided to retire. Her contributions to the community were described as, “significant and greatly appreciated”.

At the start of the game there was a tribute to the Humboldt Broncos.

Overall, the game was a great success and a wonderful way to celebrate the men & women who put their lives on the line for the City of Cold Lake, as well as those who work behind the scenes to strengthen the community.

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