Thursday , 24 June 2021

Local Filmmaker enters National Competition

Jonathan Holeton is excited to share his story through a short film he plans to direct and produce, “The Real Ghosts of Pac-Man”. The film is up for funding from the Telus Story Hive competition.

The competition calls for artists in Canada to send in their ideas for short films and determines winners through popular vote. Last season saw local artist, Olivia Rose, win funding for a music video.

Telus Storyhive’s Short movie contest to gives one artist $10,000 to create the production.The voting stage of the competition has closed, although the winners have yet to be announced.

Holeton says the film will focus on his own struggles with addiction, “when I thought of Pac-Man, I noticed that all he does is eat those pellets like he’s addicted to them, it made me think of my own addictions.” Former chronic pot-smoker, Holeton says aside from cigarettes he is recovered from his addictions and hopes the film will help others struggling.

“I connected with my friend I met through his Youtube channel, Craig Sephton from Edmonton and we decided to collaborate,” Holeton gave Sephton the idea of Pac-Man being addicted to the pellets and Sephton was able to write a short script.

Holeton is no stranger to film making, he has collaborated with Chris Cowden, a filmmaker from Bonnyville. Cowden and his wife Patty are owners of Kinosoo Film Productions and produced the short film “Sweet Oil”. The film has gone on to be shown at numerous international film festivals.

Holeton and Cowden worked together on the film “Predict This!”, which is available on Amazon.

“The film will be made whether or not we get funding,” Holeton says he hopes to win to help move the film along, however he plans to film it regardless of whether or not he wins the competition.

See a trailer for Holeton’s film at https://www.storyhive.com/project/show/id/3551


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