Tuesday , 22 June 2021

Engage in Elk Point

How do you get involved? What’s your opinion on a cannabis sales outlet? Would you make a good town councillor?

Public Engagement Policy

A Facebook page, website, newsletter, open council meetings, surveys, and face-to-face meetings with councillors already give residents opportunities to speak up, but provincial legislation has directed municipalities to create a public engagement policy outlining ways residents can be informed, consulted, involved, collaborated with, or empowered. In Elk Point, a policy has been drafted, and council is eager to accept your ideas or concerns.


As Mayor Lorne Young quipped, “Seems appropriate to engage the public in a public engagement policy,” so the lines are open. Time has been designated on the April 23 regular council meeting agenda for public input on the recently drafted Public Engagement Policy.  Check out the policy at Town of Elk Point, then get out your pen, jot down your views, and take them to the meeting.


Cannabis Legislation Survey

While you’re on the site, consider how you feel about a Cannabis Sales Outlet in Elk Point. A survey is being drafted and will be posted in April for discussion in June. With the legalization of marijuana comes by-law decisions such as a retail outlet’s location and proximity to schools, allowable advertising, store operating hours, and areas for public consumption.

Here’s a link to the survey, https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RB8F7SM, it’s another opportunity for public engagement.

The legalized sale of cannabis is a highly controversial issue, best handled with education and open discussion so manageable guidelines can be established. Don’t wait until after the work has been done, be part of the process. Complete the survey, talk to your Councillors, attend the meetings, engage in forming the by-laws.


Council Opening

If you want to experience the highest level of involvement, run for council. With the recent resignation of Councillor Sherry Bower-Gagne, a position is open. Nomination day is May 15, so discuss the requirements with COA Ken Gwozdz, determine your platform, gather your support, and register at the town office. If you don’t want to run for the position, at least get out and vote! By-election Day is June 12.

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