Saturday , 16 October 2021

Empowering Caregivers with Knowledge

The Regional Awareness Abilities Committee (RAAC) is hosting an important conference in Bonnyville on November 30th, for International Persons with Disabilities Day. The conference will feature a multitude of speakers from across the region, discuss their areas of expertise and how they all can come together to grow a stronger support network in the Lakeland region.

One of those speakers is Gary Mostert, with Rednecks with a Cause an autism awareness and support organization. Gary explains RAAC came together as a way to discover all the services that are provided for persons with disabilities in the region and how each organizations services can assist one another to grow a strong support network in the region. “The whole committee exists out of other groups that are involved with children and adults with disabilities,” Gary says Rednecks with a Cause were excited to join the network, “for Rednecks, it’s not just autism, it’s all disabilities can prevent people from moving to the community. RAAC exists so that we can do an inter-agency meeting once a year to discuss, ‘how can we increase the possibilities for people with disabilities in our area?’.”

Rednecks with a Cause will have two keynote speakers involved in the conference, Gary and an area mom, Kim Barrie, “she already has had a child, who went through school from kindergarten all the way to grade 12 and is now getting into the job market. She’s going to speak of raising a child with autism in a rural community.” Gary will discuss the organizational side of Rednecks with a Cause, why they raise money and how they distribute it; as well as increase the schools’ ability to assist children with autism.

The event is free, with anyone welcome, especially parents and caregivers. The event is November 30th, 1-6pm at the Beaver River Fish & Game Building in Bonnyville.

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