Wednesday , 22 September 2021

It’s the Sweetest Time of the Year!

Next Tuesday is Halloween…one of the sweetest times of the year! Kids of all ages are getting excited to dress up, go trick-or-treating and, of course, eat lots and lots of candy!

As I wrote about last year at this time, I have no problem with Halloween. It’s a fun holiday that should be enjoyed…and all that goes along with it. One thing that I do have a problem with, is all the activities and events leading up to Halloween that use this excuse to fill our kids’ bellies with candy.

How many events do you attend before Halloween that give out candy? How many fall activities do you participate in that give out some sort of treat? How many Halloween parties do you attend, school or community, where kids get desserts or sweet treats? One night of trick-or-treating is okay, but if you celebrate multiple times during the month of October, that is too much candy!

To cut down on the amount of candy your kids receive during the month of October, plan your activities and events ahead of time. Attend the activities and events that are the most important to you and your family, and skip the others. If there is candy or treats being offered, consider politely saying “no thanks”. If your kids insist on taking the treats, let them have a little and put the rest away until Halloween (if possible) and add them to the pile that night.

If you are attending a party and are bringing food, try to get creative and bring a healthy spooky item. Festive food does not have to mean unhealthy food. The internet has an enormous amount of ideas for Halloween foods…just be sure you type the word “healthy” into your search. Include your kids in deciding what to make and the preparation, so they see that Halloween doesn’t have to mean only sweets and treats.

Enjoy your Halloween celebrations next week. Just try to confine the celebrations to one night.

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