Thursday , 16 September 2021

Upham Returns as Reeve

In the County of St. Paul, Steve Upham is taking on his third term as Reeve. Upham farms on the western edge of the county, near Spedden and Ashmont, and south of Boyne Lake. He is excited to get to work with the newly elected council whose members are:  Darryl Younghans from Division 1, Kevin Wirsta from Division 2, Cliff Martin (incumbent) from Division 3, Maxine Fodness (incumbent) from Division 4, and Dale Hedrick from Division 5.

He looks to “keep putting pressure on projects approved for government funding, and make sure we get those things completed.”

Upham acknowledges that this is going to be a tough term economically. “Revenue in the county is probably going to be going down over the next couple of years as we lose some oil company shut-ins and residential assessment values go down. That’s going to drive everything down. So we will need to budget accordingly.”

As mandated by the Municipal Government Act, the County of St Paul is working with the Town of St. Paul, the Town of Elk Point, and the Summer Village of Horseshoe Bay “to provide appropriate services and share costs for the provision of these services for the betterment of the residents of our collective municipalities.” (see Regional Strategic Business Plan) Upham sees this and other partnerships with neighbouring urban communities as important in developing the economy of the region, and in providing services for emergency management, fire protection, waste management, and especially in promoting recreation.  He adds, “It is incumbent upon us to work together as we move forward.”

Upham is excited to get to work with the new council and the regional partnerships, with the strategic plan as a framework for discussion.

He says, “Change is the constant, and we embrace it as we move forward.”

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