Friday , 24 September 2021

Three losses in weekend action for Cold Lake Football

The Royals, Rams, and Ravens were all in action this weekend. The Royals faced St. Paul, the Ravens matched up against the Lloydminster Chargers, and the Rams battled Wainwright. This is your Cold Lake Football wrap-up report!

Royals face Rival St. Paul

The Cold Lake Royals were in for a big match against rival St. Paul. Both teams seem to get a lot of emotion out of each other. The game was tight headed into half time, with only one touchdown on the board. St. Paul had scored on a dropped pass in the Royals end zone. Things opened up in the second half, as the Royals got the game to 7-6. The Lions would run the ball in to go up 13-6. The game came down to the final 1:59 of the fourth quarter. The Lions got a turnover, and subsequently scored a touchdown. The game was 19-6 with 59.1 seconds left. The Royals nearly ran the kickoff for a touchdown, but the kick returner was tackled by the last man back. St. Paul’s defense withstood a driving Royals Offense until time ran out. There was a penalty on the last play of the game. The Royals got two cracks, and succeeded in punching in a touchdown. St. Paul would relax their players on the two point convert, and the game ended 19-14 for St. Paul.

“This game now, we’re out of the ‘A’ side championship. That’s something we’re always striving for. St. Paul will be moving on, on that side… For us now we’re on the consolation side. Hopefully we’ll match up against Wainwright, and get a berth to provincials.” Head Coach Kelly Johnson says.

Bantams lead early, but fall

The Lloydminster Chargers appeared shocked by the Cold Lake Ravens in the early going. Their game was a great deal of fun early, with the Ravens getting up 14-0 at half-time. Lloydminster came back, and handled the pressure. The Chargers would win the game.

“The game was 0-0 after the first quarter, and 14-0 at half. The Chargers were very surprised with our kids I think. They took us a little for granted.” Coach Kelly Johnson says.

Peewees put up big score

The Cold Lake Rams put up their biggest effort of their history so far. The team lost 37-19 to the Wainwright Guard Dogs, but showed a lot of improvement. The boys displayed much more tackling prowess in comparison to five weeks ago.

“It is so much fun watching these kids. It doesn’t matter what the score is. They’re excited to be playing football. It was a great game. Back and forth.” Coach Johnson explains.


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