Thursday , 23 September 2021

False Identity

At 2:30 am on October 6th, Cold Lake RCMP conducted a traffic stop, which lead to one male being arrested for obstruction.

“The police officer asked for identity and the wrong identity was provided,” Constable Leslie Rice, with the Cold Lake Detachment explains the officer was familiar with the suspect, “based on the interaction, the police officer knew who the individual was and knew the wrong identity was provided. He knew right away that something was wrong.”

The driver was arrested for obstruction and brought into the Cold Lake Detachment, “his identity was confirmed at the detachment with the assistance of another RCMP detachment.” The 28 year old, Red Deer male has a pending charge, out of Cold Lake, of  adult resisting arrest for obstruction.

He was found to have nine outstanding warrants from Red Deer. Charges are pending against the individual, who cannot be named at this time.

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