Wednesday , 22 September 2021

900 participants run in LSAA Cross-Country Event


Amazing turnout

The annual LSAA cross-country run in Cold Lake took place on Thursday, October 5. It was an amazing turnout of 900+, as kids from all over the Lakeland came out to run varying courses designed for their category. The event ran smoothly, and provided an excellent chance for kids to test their abilities. For an event with 900+ kids, there were no reported injuries.

“The [LSAA] membership really steps up to the plate. We’re hosting it, but we have people from Bonnyville, Iron River, Lac La Biche stepping up at the finish line. Everyone is helping out. The weather was fantastic. The canteen was good. We had zero injuries. It ran super smooth.” Organizer Marc Hamel says.

Huge morale boost

The day was much more than just running a course. Prior to the races, kids got a motivational talk from Les Parsons. Parsons is the Community Outreach Leader for Ski Fit North Alberta. He has a background in cross-country skiing, outdoor leadership, and aboriginal relations. The kids at the LSAA event absorbed as much knowledge as they could pre-race from Parsons.


For full results click here. Below is the top three finishes from each category.

Tyro Boys

Braedyn Ciz Tyro Boys CLMS 0.05.58 2
Austin Wentz Tyro Boys DRB 0.06.04 3

Tyro Girls

Antoniuk, Danielle Tyro Girls Beaux-Lacs 0.05.55 1
Soondus Elias Tyro Girls CLMS 0.06.02 2

Novice Boys

Jaxon Fuder Novice Boys NHMS 0.05.27 1
Amyotte, Ethan Novice Boys Beaux-Lacs 0.05.30 2
Ben Hogan Novice Boys ASAA 0.05.35 3

Novice Girls

Dumont, Janique Novice Girls Beaux-Lacs 0.05.40 1
Brayden Stewart Novice Girls NHMS 0.05.40 2
Jessica Walsh Novice Girls NHMS 0.06.01 3

JR Boys

Braiden Johannesson Jr Boys DRB 0.07.10 1
Thomas Grzela Jr Boys AJSH 0.07.11 2
Drew Molde Jr Boys HEB 0.07.25 3

JR Girls

Lexi MacLeod Jr Girls NHMS 0.08.02 1
Samantha Cey Jr Girls DRB 0.08.13 2
Kalli Hilchie Jr Girls HEB 0.08.17 3

Intermediate Boys

Louie Holinaty Inter. Boys HEB 0.07.51 1
Dechaine, Noah Inter. Boys Beaux-Lacs 0.07.59 2
Joshua Butt Inter. Boys AJSH 0.08.04 3

Intermediate Girls

Ella Dole Inter. Girls NHMS 0.08.53 1
Bernier, Alyssa Inter. Girls Beaux-Lacs 0.09.00 2
Saige McCaffrey Inter. Girls NHMS 0.09.17 3

SR Boys

Dumont, Caleb Sr Boys Beaux-Lacs 0.09.51 1
Zayden Blake Sr Boys BCHS 0.09.55 2
Garrison Wiebe Sr Boys JAWS 0.09.57 3

Sr Girls

Jayde Cadieux Sr Girls CLHS 0.11.10 1
Gratton, Faith Sr Girls Beaux-Lacs 0.12.12 2
Jacelyn Antoniuk Sr Girls NDHS 0.12.17 3

Up next

LSAA is preparing to host High School Cross-Country zones on Wednesday, Ocotber 11. The run will take place on a trail along Muriel Lake.

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