Thursday , 23 September 2021

Noise Notice 46th Street + 50th Avenue Bonnyville

Site Reclamation Work at 4601 – 50 Avenue

Please be advised that the Town has been informed that noise associated with hammering in the piles at the site of 4601 -50 Avenue (intersection of 46th Street and Highway 28) will take place intermittently between Tuesday October 3rd and Monday October 9th.


Due to a number of complaints from citizens and the length of time it is taking the contractor to complete the reclamation work, the Town has requested that the contractor advise us of any future activities that will involve significant nuisance factors, such as hydraulic tamping, vibrating, hammering or pile driving so that we can pass this information on to the Public..


We will endeavor to provide this information to keep you informed in a timely fashion notifying you of the days when this type of work will be taking place, as we learn of them.


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