Friday , 24 September 2021

LSAA Mountain Bike Race sees 175 participants

The Lakeland Schools Athletic Association provides many great events for kids across our region. One event in particular has grown significantly year over year. The mountain bike race saw another huge number of participants again this year. About 175 kids were divided into 12 categories for the race.

Event overview

“It’s just life long activity. A lot people can ride a bike, and we just want to promote bike riding. As opposed to just taking a stroll, it’s something that challenges the kids a little bit more. The course is up, and down. There’s sand, there’s mud. There’s single track, and a little bit of road after that. It’s about eight kilometers long. It’s out on base.” Event coordinator Marc Hamel explains.

The event is for kids anywhere from grade 5 to grade 12. Originally the race began as an event for francophone schools, but has since expanded to involve schools across the Lakeland region. Competitors race for the best time in their respective category.


The following placements are the top three from each boys and girls category:

Tyro Girls

Charlye Rondeau Tyro Girls Voyageur 566 0.33.22
Danielle Antoniuk Tyro Girls EBL 528 0.38.19
Izzy Watters Tyro Girls HEB 501 0.45.54

Tyro Boys

Grady Wilks Tyro Boys CLMS 407 0.32.06
Andrew Grzela Tyro Boys Voyageur 575 0.34.21
Drew Hamilton Tyro Boys CLMS 406 0.35.15

Novice Girls

Kylea Butt Novice Girls St. Dominic 522 0.32.29
Brayden Stewart Novice Girls NHS 439 0.33.10
Claire Levesque Novice Girls Dr. B 411 0.36.10

Novice Boys

Ethan Blakie Novice Boys Trinity Christian School 475 0.31.16
Houston Babe Novice Boys IRS 403 0.31.38
Greyson Bouthiette Novice Boys ASAA 560 0.32.16

JR Girls

Chiara Harris JR Girls AJSH 422 0.25.38
Lexi MacLeod JR Girls NHS 440 0.27.55
Halle Blocha JR Girls Dr. B 412 0.34.44

JR Boys

Bret MacLeod JR Boys NHS 451 0.25.42
James MacNeil JR Boys AJSH 426 0.26.19
Bryce Harrison JR Boys NHS 450 0.27.08

Inter Girls

Sarah Meyer Intermediate Girls Aurora 524 0.28.41
Anick Levesque Intermediate Girls Dr. B 413 0.33.18
Courtney Anderson Intermediate Girls HEB 505 0.34.30

Inter Boys

Nathan Sylvester Intermediate Boys AJSH 429 0.20.26
Astin Hollingshead Intermediate Boys NHS 455 0.24.10
Andrew Blakie Intermediate Boys CLMS 409 0.25.31

SR Girls

Chloe Katerynych SR Girls EBL 540 0.33.47
Sarah Kraushaar SR Girls AJHS 481 0.37.15
Jordyn Laplante SR Girls Voyageur 442 0.50.52

SR Boys

Aiden Orr SR Boys AJSH 433 0.24.29
Peter Grzela SR Boys AJSH 431 0.24.56
Matis Pichette SR Boys AJSH 432 0.24.57

High School Boys

Shane King High School  Boys (10-12) Cold Lake High School 477 0.23.45
Matthew Stasiuk High School  Boys (10-12) AJSH 436 0.24.36
Cole Stasuik High School  Boys (10-12) AJSH 434 0.28.15

Community involvement

From Hamel’s point of view volunteers were definitely essential to making the event happen. Ecole Voyageur parent, and Cold Lake RCMP member Ryan Howrish was one of the volunteers. With jokes about some sore spots aside, he admits it was a good day of riding.

“It’s Marc’s baby. It’s several years of running. A lot of kids participate. Our participation is we just go, and do the course with different age groups. There’s a lot of crashes, and chains falling off. So you’re providing encouragement to these kids throughout the course.” Corporal Howrish says.

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