What’s that Taste

New treatment could have your water tasting slightly different.

In preparation for the regional waterline, the City of Cold Lake is exploring different options to ensure that the water is safe along its travels. Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the City of Cold Lake, Kevin Nagoya, explains a news chloramine system is being proposed.

“The new system being proposed right now is something called a chloramine system; a chlorine type of product but slightly different,” Nagoya explains how the water’s taste may be altered with the proposed new system, “when it gets injected in order for it to stop reacting with the water we have to inject something called ammonium into the water which slightly changes the taste of the water.”

“Now we have a filter system that will screen out all the bacteria and we inject just chlorine as a disinfectant and that is good enough for our distribution system today. Some of the reservoirs may have to top up chlorine residuals but that is pretty much it,” explains the CAO.

It may be necessary to switch to a chloramine treatment system because the water has such a long trip from the depths of Cold Lake to Bonnyville’s taps, says Nagoya, “Chloramine lasts longer in the distribution system for a disinfection effect because it takes a couple of days for water to get to Bonnyville and we don’t want bacteria to grow in the water so this is why we need to look at these type of products.”

“It’s said to be to have a slight taste differential; but that will be to be determined. Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge, Red Deer have this type of system.” Nagoya says chloramine is one of the options that the City is exploring, but nothing has been decided yet, “Council would make this as an awareness and there would be public consultation so that everyone knows in case they do taste something.”

“Bonnyville Regional water project is still in its design phase so we are reviewing technologies prior to finalizing a tender. Nothing finalized but it looks like we will be looking at these type of products.”