New Courts for Elk Point Pickleball Club

Club plans to host tournaments near future.

The Elk Point Pickleball club is getting new courts. The club recently received a $20,000 donation on behalf of the County of St. Paul & Elk Point FCSS, endowed from the Cornerstone Co-op in Elk Point. President of the Pickleball Club, Terri Hampson says right away the club knew they would use the money to build outdoor courts.

Being able to play the sport all year was a huge factor in the decision, explains Hampson. The club currently plays on the town’s tennis courts; however the courts haven’t been refurbished in a number of years and with the declining popularity of tennis in the community, the courts have turned into a make-shift ball hockey rink for the local kids. Having a dedicated and appropriate Pickleball space is important for the growth of the club.

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At last night’s Town of Elk Point Council meeting, the club was given approval to move forward with building new Pickleball court. Hampson says the location of the courts will be directly north of the arena, “we’re using half of the outdoor rink. The plan is to fence off our portion of the area.” Up next will be securing quotes from contractors, with the hope that construction can begin (and perhaps even finish) before the end of the outdoor season.

The club will be hosting tournaments and inviting Pickelball players from all over the region to play on the courts. As one of the only communities in the area with dedicated Pickleball courts, this should draw a lot of clubs and players to the town. “We’re definitely excited to take our club to the next level,” says Hampson, who adds that the club is always welcoming of new members, “we want to be able to engage a wider spectrum of community members.”

The Elk Point Pickleball club invites anyone interested in learning the sport or joining the club to attend a practice. You can find their schedule, news, and upcoming events on The Elk Point Pickleball Club’s Facebook Page.