Sunday , 3 July 2022

Heather Horsepool: Living with MS

In anticipation for Saturday’s Lakeland MS Walk in St. Paul, the MS Society has shared stories of locals living with MS. This is one of the stories; the author’s original content has not been altered.

Multiple Sclerosis is a family disease. It affects more than the person living with the disease- it affects the person’s spouse, their children, their grandchildren, and their extended family & friends. – Heather Horsepool

It was after a CT Scan showing lesions on my brain that my doctor informed me that I had MS. So then, in 2006, out journey with MS began. I say ours because MS affects more than just the person diagnosed- it affects their spouse, grandchildren, extended family and friends.

2006 marked the start of neurologists, physical therapists, MRIs, and MS therapists and many appointments. Not to mention the hours I spent on the internet trying to gather as much information as I could about the disease; such as knowing that relapsing remitting MS can be frustrating some days.

I was very fortunate though, as I already know someone who was part of the MS Society’s Lakeland Chapter’s support group; one phone call and I had all the information and meeting dates that I needed.

It has been wonderful knowing that answers to my questions are always a phone call away, and that no matter how difficult this journey, there will always be supportive people by my side helping me with kinds words and gestures, as I journey through life with MS.

For more information on the Lakeland MS Walk, to donate or to register for the walk, visit mswalks.ca.

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