Saturday , 28 May 2022

Summer of Block Parties in Elk Point

The Town of Elk Point has implemented a Block Party Policy just in time for the warm weather and sunshine. Recreation Coordinator for the Town of Elk Point, Jena Colbourne, says not to think of the policy as a rigid guide to how to party, but rather a big ok that you can get to know your neighbours and hold parties on your street.

“Some residents came to us last summer and asked what they needed to do to host a block party on their street, and we really didn’t know,” as Colbourne explains that was the first request anyone in the Town Office had for a block party. “People may have had informal block parties or multi-yard get-togethers, but as crazy as it sounds, Elk Point residents had never hosted a backyard.” Since there was a lot of confusion on what they proper procedures were, as well as, how do we keep people safe during the block party, the Town decided to come up with a policy.

“These guidelines, in the policy, are in place to make sure everyone can enjoy themselves and stay safe. Because a block party is held on the street and there are lots of children and maybe even pets, we need to close down the street. So in doing that, we have to make the street is closed properly and that neighbours from other blocks over aren’t affected negatively. We also have to make sure emergency vehicles are still able to get to those streets.” Colbourne says once she starting looking into all the possibilities of what could happen, there was a lot to consider. “There are neighbours down the street to consider, as well. We want to make sure the people three or four blocks over aren’t put out.”

With that all in mind, the main goal was for people in the town to get to know each other, bond and build a sense of community, says Colbourne. “We want people to have that small town feel that comes with living in Elk Point. Where neighbours look out for each other and help keep our community vibrant and fun.”

Colbourne hopes there are many block parties throughout the summer, “I would love to see a different one every weekend!” If you need some help in hosting a block party or getting all the information you need, you can contact Jena Colbourne 780-207-5898 or [email protected] Block Party applications must be submitted to the Town 15 days before the event. All the information and the policy will be made available on the Town of Elk Point’s new website, elkpoint.ca.

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