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Sobolewski: Lakeland Coop Expansion is Phenomenal

The Lakeland Coop held the groundbreaking of their new Home Building Centre on Tuesday, April 26th. The new centre will be an expansion of the Lakeland Coop business into the Eastgate Development. Mayor of Bonnyville, Gene Sobolewski says the new build is “phenomenal” for the town.

“I’m hoping this is just the start of the encouragement of others,” Mayor Sobolewski says he’s hoping the build will reassure people, that now is the time to grow. With the cost of construction down, Lakeland Coop really took advantage of the market and showed its faith in the community that has treated their business so well over the years. “In this economy this is the right time to do it. We know it’s not going to last, much longer.”

Mario Bouvier, General Manager of the Lakeland Coop, says the company is “looking at starting construction next week.” The new store will not only create construction work during the build, but it will also triple the business’ work force, adding 30-40 new jobs. “We know this will be a huge boost to the local economy,” says Bouvier, “there’s many positive spin-offs, we’re looking at tripling our staff in the next year; which is exactly what this local economy needs. Not only for Bonnyville, but the MD and surrounding areas, like Glendon. All the support comes back and forth, we take the time to support our communities and in turn they support us, wholeheartedly.”

“We;re happy to provide [this project] for local jobs, local contractors and the positive spin-offs for local hotels and restaurants,” it was important to look at the whole picture of this build, says Bouvier. “We know they’re suffering, as well. They employ local people. Over the next year there’s going to be a positive spin-off. ”

When we build a major centre like this, 25,000 square foot Home Centre, it creates more business to come, to support other businesses. It’s a win-win situation! – Mario Bouvier Lakeland Coop

“Look at the boom [the Home Centre] is going to bring in, look at the economy that’s going to happen ten years down the road, that’s the important thing,” Mayor Sobolewski believes Bonnyville will rebound from the bust and when it does, Lakeland Coop will be in optimal position to serve the market and industry, as well as, the residents.

We’re really proud to be bringing this to our community. It’s a real boost, a bit of a gamble, but we feel the economy is right for us to take a step forward and grow in our community. – John Irvin Bonnyville Town Councillor & Lakeland Coop Board Member.

The project is expected to be completed in 2016, as well as the renovation of the current Purolator store on 54th avenue. The company will be renovating that building into a gas bar and convience store with a separate area dedicated to Purolator. That project will start in the middle of May.

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