Sunday , 22 May 2022

Bonnyville Spring Cleanup Schedule

May 2nd to May 6th

We will be partnering with various community minded groups and individuals to stage a Town wide clean up effort.
The idea is to get as many people as possible involved in this week of activities.

May 2nd—May 6th

Community-Not for Profit Organizations can donate a couple of hours and receive $3.00 per bag of collected garbage.  You can pick up the bags and gloves at the Public Works Shop at  4917 – 49 Avenue. The bags should be brought back to the shop so they can be counted and payment made.  If you cannot bring the bags back to the Public Works Shop, stay by the bags, call the Shop and they will send staff out to pick up the bags and count them.

Call:  780-826-3550 for information.


May 24th to May 27th
Back Lane Clean Up

Large Furniture,
Appliances and Car Bodies

Large items must be ready for pick up at the lane.  Town equipment will NOT travel onto private property.  CAR BODIES will be picked up BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please call 780-826-3550 to arrange the appointment.  Tires, batteries, and fuel must be removed from cars.

May 24th to May 27rd
Yard Waste Collection

Yard waste pick up will be May 24 to May 27 to allow residents the long weekend to clean their yards.

This pick up will be restricted to yard waste. Example: small amounts of tree branches no longer than 3 feet and general landscaping waste.

Please ensure all items for pickup are set out in the back lane before
7:30 a.m., Tuesday May 24th.  Items will be picked up through the week as per their category; ie metals, plastics, etc

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