Saturday , 28 May 2022

Elk Point Preparing for Growth

In a time when many communities’ concern about the economy have halted growth, Elk Point is looking to the future. The oil town has seen many ebbs & flows over the years, and believes this too will pass, which is why Town Council is moving forward with preparing 14 lots on the north side of the community.

“We’ve got some interest for some of the premium lots, already.” Town Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Ken Gwozdz explains the Town is hopeful to sell the lots over the next few months, “we’re negotiating on one, now. There’s always interest, even in a downturn economy. There’s always interest in lots.”  The expansion will have three premium lots,with a 75 foot frontage at 9.75 a square foot. The remaining lots are 55 foot frontage at 9.50 a square foot.

The expansion will connect 60th avenue to Centennial Drive, CAO Gwozdz says this is phase two of the project, “the first phase was 14 lots and phase two is 14 lots, as well. It’s tying into Centennial going north.” The Town passed motions to have ATCO service the lots and waterlines/sewer are in place. “The servicing, starting the end of May, the curb & gutter, power & gas, will be going in. Followed by pavement.” The Town expects the lots to be ready by the end of August, so there is still time to get in this year.

The Town is also promoting its Industrial lots, explains Gwozdz, “they’re $90,000 an acre.  There’s still a few left that have frontage on Highway 41. There’s also some commercial land on Highway 41, that’s not serviced. The Town is open to any type of offer for the commercial land on the west side of Highway 41.”

The Town held a meeting with the local real estate agents this week, if you are interested you can contact any agency or stop by the Town Office.

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