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Brett Kissel’s Hometown Homecoming Huge

Town Council wonders if the Brett Kissel concert is outgrowing its current venue. The show, scheduled for June 18th at Jaycee Ballpark, had initially sold out according to the website, brettkisselhometown.com. Due to overwhelming response, promoters have released additional tickets; however Town Council wonders if a venue move would allow for even more ticket sales.

The discussion was prompted after Fire Chief, Trevor Kotowich, approached St. Paul Town Council on Tuesday night to close a section of Highway 29 for the concert. Chief Kotowich proposed closing the main stretch of town from 54th street to 52 street, the car wash to the end of Portage College. “Alberta Transportation needs to know if we are going to close down a highway, specifically a major highway,” explains Kotowich. To allow for enough time to follow proper procedure, Kotowich asked Council for the road closure. The fire department would not man the barricades, but they would direct semi-trailers or other big haulers if they needed access to the highway during the show. Alberta Transportation would advertise the closure.


In discussion, Kotowich disclosed the permit for Jaycee Ballpark allows for 3050 people. Mayor Glenn Andersen wondered if it would be more beneficial to the show and to the town if an alternative venue was research. “We don’t want to limit it to 3000 tickets, if we can sell, say 5000,” explained the Mayor with a more the merrier logic.

My question is, is it the right location? If tickets sales are going so well, should we find a larger location? – Glenn Andersen Mayor of St. Paul

Kotowich’s main concern is the safety of the concert-goers and pedestrians and could not speak of a venue change, stating “that’s not up to me.” The Chief did make Council aware of a meeting on Friday with the promoters. Mayor Andersen, and Intern Chief Administrative Officer Holly Habiak intend to attend the meeting and will discuss the option of a venue change. “We don’t want things to get out of hand. If [the fire department] can’t handle it [at Jaycee Ballpark] then things need to be discussed.,” Mayor Andersen explains, “there’s nothing wrong with moving site, within the town, as long as you have something in mind. I agree, totally, we have to be able to control this. It may be bigger than what [the promoters] even thought about.”

Our game plan is still to rock the ballpark! – Keynon Ternovoy Promoter Hometown Homecoming

Promoter Keynon Ternovoy says at this time there are no plans for a venue change, “our plan is to go ahead with our initial plan to hold the concert at Jaycee. There’s such a great history there. It’s such a great spot, with the Landing Pad being right beside it.” That doesn’t mean they’ve 100% ruled out the option of a venue change, “of course we’re open to any and all options, should we need them. Right now, our goal is to do the show and for everyone to join us at Jaycee.”

For now, the Town has approved the road closure under the premise that the event will still be held at Jaycee Ballpark. You can purchase tickets at sponsor locations, Richardson’s Jewelry and Power Merchants in St.Paul, for Brett Kissel: Hometown Homecoming featuring Charlie Major for $30.

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