Sunday , 22 May 2022

World Jr A Challenge May Host Prelim Game in St. Paul

Bonnyville has been selected to host the World Jr A Challenge in December. Elite hockey players from all over the world will be in town with local, national and international media coverage of the tournament; as well as NHL and NCAA hockey scouts in the attendance. To put on a tournament of this calibre, the committee needs to reach out to neighbouring towns, which is why they have asked St. Paul to host a preliminary game or two.

Councillor for the Town of St. Paul, Dwight Wiebe, confirms the Town has been approached by the committee. Wiebe says the event is “absolutely” something he would support. “You would want that [tournament] in your town, for sure.” Wiebe says a motion hasn’t been brought to the table, yet, “but they gave us the information, all the stuff that we need, and I imagine it will come to the table at our next Council meeting.” The next meeting will be held April 11th.

Committee member, Robb Hunter explains the group hopes to include neighbouring communities in the excitement, “one of the reasons our group bid for the event was because of the economic impact it would have on Bonnyville. We’d like to push that impact to the region and one of the ways we can do that is by including our neighbours.”

The way it sounds, St. Paul would be getting a pretty big prelim game, says Wiebe, “supposedly it will either be Canada versus US or Canada VS Russia. It’s huge, absolutely huge. I’m pretty sure we want to be part of that.”

In the 2015 World Jr A Challenge, two Pontiacs represented Team Canada West, Bobby McMann and Brinson Pasichnuk. Team Canada West went on the win the tournament.

Sponsorship & volunteers are needed, for more information contact Robb Hunter at 780-826-8785.


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