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Cold Lake RCMP: Crime Dropped 9.4 % in 2015

The Cold Lake RCMP Detachment presented its year-end review to the City of Cold Lake Council and reports that crime files in the city have decreased by 9.4 percent from the previous year. Mayor of Cold Lake, Craig Copeland says with the stats are encouraging.

“The indications are that the number of crimes are going down,” Mayor Copeland acknowledges that the police are more transparent and release a lot more information to the public. Especially, regarding the bigger cases. Due to more awareness, and a stronger media presence, it may appear as though crime is up, but in fact, that is not the case. “I think we’re hearing more about the big cases. They’ve had a lot of successful, recent, drug and weapons lately, that have created a lot of news media. But, the stats are saying that the indications are the numbers are going down, which is encouraging.”

In a document submitted to Council, the Cold Lake RCMP report that even with the drop in files, 2015 was a busy year. The operational file count was 8,491 for 2015, down from 9,372 in 2014. A reduction 881 files or 9.4 percent. The City of Cold Lake saw a reduction of 486 files, while the provincial contract was down by 396 files. There was an 86 person prisoners were reduction in 2015; 1,254 prisoners were held at the Cold Lake Detachment cells, compared to 1,340 in 2014.

Each year the Detachment sets Policing Priorities for the year. The RCMP calendar is April 1 – March 31. The four priorities for 2015-16 were:

  • Safer Roads, Safer Communities
  • Reduce Impact of Habitual Offenders on Community
  • Contribute to Safer Youth
  • Contribute to Safer & Healthier Aboriginal Communities

From the report submitted to Council, the RCMP appear to be on track for reaching their benchmark goals for the priorities set in 2015. As the end of the RCMP calendar year, March 31st, 2016, approaches, the Detachment would like to encourage the public to fill out a survey, before the deadline of March 1st, 2o16. The survey results will be used to help determine what the Policing Priorities for 2016-17 will be. The survey can be found at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/coldlakercmpvsu

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