Saturday , 28 May 2022

Glendon Receives $77K IMCP Funding from MD of Bonnyville

The Village of Glendon has received its first Inter-Municipal Corporation Program (IMCP) funding payment, from the Municipal District (MD) of Bonnyville, for the amount of $77,004. Mayor of Glendon, Laura Papirny says the funding opens up many possibilities for the community to improve vital infrastructure and focus on projects that have been put on the back-burner due to funding restraints.

“We’re still determining what we’re going to put [the money] towards,” explains Mayor Papirny, “there are issues that need to be looked at and fixed. Of course, there’s always roads and water & sewer. We’ll look at what will best benefit from this money.” The mayor imagines it will be an infrastructure project but cannot state exactly which project at this time, because she has yet to discuss options with Council and Administration.

Deputy Mayor of Glendon, Nancy Pelletier, explains one project that may take precedence is the water. “Right now, we have water pressure issues. There’s a problem with our water pressure system, so we have to find out [what is causing the problem].” It’s still too early to designate the funds to this project, but the Deputy Mayor wanted to let people know it is on Council’s radar.

A decision will be made around the same time as the release of the yearly budget, which is expected in March. After the budget’s release, Deputy Mayor Pelletier explains Council will have a better understanding of the community’s needs, “we’ll have an idea of what will be on the top of our list to achieve this year.”

Having support from the MD of Bonnyville is “wonderful” and “fabulous” says the mayor. “We are very aware of our budget and having to stay within it,” explains Papirny, while Pelletier adds, “it’s a gift, so now we can tackle the big issues that were put on the back-burner because of lack of funding. We don’t spend money if we don’t have to.”


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