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Renown Speaker Ian Hill Coming to Cold Lake

The Cold Lake FCSS is excited to welcome humanitarian, business leader, and award-winning social innovator, Ian Hill to the City for a workshop designed to grow people’s ability to lead others. Cathy Aust, event organizer with FCSS, says the workshop will be a unique opportunity for those looking to inspire others.

Ian Hill is known in the Lakeland as the man who built The Community Builders program, which was distributed to community members through the Chamber of Commerce in Bonnyville and Cold Lake. His latest workshop, The Changing Point, is referred to as a “Leadership Bootcamp”, the seminar will help leaders inspire people to work together and bring change. It’s designed for both formal leaders (managers or Councillors) or informal leaders (volunteers). Hill says the workshop is very important in troubling economic times, “growing people’s ability to lead others to a common goal. We want to do more with less and the only way to do more with less is to effectively marshal human capital; inspire, motivate, and guide to help people reach their full potential.”

I’ve had the opportunity to hear Ian Hill speak on several occasions and I’ve found him to be more than inspiring. He inspires personal change, he has benefited me with my leadership role at FCSS  – Cathy Aust Cold Lake FCSS

The Changing Point is about bringing people together, says Hill, “how do we take all these different people, with unique backgrounds and skills and interests and move them towards a common goal.” Hill explains the goal can be anything from a corporate goal to a volunteer goal. For example raising money to build a new playground, which Hill helped initiate at the Cold Lake Elementary School. The Let Them Be Kids playground at the Cold Lake Elementary School saw Hill inspire 300 volunteers to come together to build the playground. Hill awarded the Key to the City by Mayor Craig Copeland for his instrumental role in building the playground.

What will be different about The Changing Point is Hill doesn’t talk for a day and disapeear. He will have follow-up videos and tools available for anyone who participated in the workshop available online for 30 days following the presentation. As Hill explains, “it takes 28 days to form a habit, so we’re going to make sure you have the tools available to you so you can follow through with your goals.”

Let’s be frank, when you invest in training and leadership development programs you must be assured that they actually will create performance improvement. One, two, three-day seminars, training manuals, even videos and other passive learning approaches only touch the surface. All studies show within 7 to 10 days 95% of that information has been forgotten.

The Changing Point’s Leadership Camp is different. We’ve designed a proprietary process that actually creates behavioral change. We call it the Change Continuum. – Ian Hill The Changing Point Leadership Camp


The workshop is $35 and will be held on March 10th, from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, at the MFRC theatre. Pre-registration is required. If anyone is struggling with the economic downturn and still would like to attend the event, contact Cathy at the Cold Lake FCSS for options. 

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