Saturday , 28 May 2022

Wildrose Equalization Fairness Panel

The following is a paid message

Wildrose announced the Equalization Fairness Panel, which was created with the aim of ensuring that Alberta, and all provinces, are treated fairly during the next round of equalization negotiations.  The current, flawed, agreement expires in 2019, but the conversation should get started sooner than later.

One of the most exciting parts of this announcement is that the idea came straight from a member-passed policy that you passed at our AGM last November.  Since the NDP government have said this is not an issue on their radar, we are taking the initiative and putting this blue-ribbon panel together ourselves.

As you know, Alberta is blessed with natural resources. Albertans work hard and are proud of our entrepreneurial spirit. And we are generous in our communities and in our volunteer time.

However, the recent and sharp decline in commodity prices have caused our province to sink into the largest economic recession since the 1980s.

Even with this change in commodity prices, Alberta’s taxpayers continue to be one of the largest contributors to equalization.

Wildrose wants to ensure that prior to the next round of federal and first minister negotiations regarding equalization payments, Alberta’s government has promoted a strong and cohesive message to other provinces to make sure our province is treated fairly.

While the experts on the Equalization Fairness Panel are very knowledgeable on this subject, Wildrose also wants as many Albertans as possible to contribute their thoughts and suggestions concerning equalization.

That’s why there is now a website, www.fairequalization.ca, where you can find more information on the Panel and the topic, as well as submit your own ideas.

Wildrose knows how important it is to actually consult and listen to the input of Albertans before making key policy decisions. I welcome you to provide your feedback on the fair equalization website, and to stay tuned for the final recommendations of the Equalization Fairness Panel when we present them in the Legislature this fall.

As always, you can have confidence that Wildrose is standing up for Albertan’s best interests both in our province, and on a national stage.

*This was a paid message from Scott Cyr and Alberta’s Official Opposition Wildrose Party.

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