Wednesday , 6 July 2022

The City sends MP Yurdiga Wish List

The City of Cold Lake has send MP for Fort McMurray-Cold Lake, David Yurdiga a list of major infrastructure projects Council would like to see funded by the Federal Government. Yuridiga had requested the wish list, explains City Councillor, Chris Vining.

“Mr. Yurdiga had sent a letter to the municipalities, in the riding, asking for Capital Infrastructure projects. We think it’s priming into the new release of Federal funding for infrastructure dollars. He wanted to get a look at where all the municipalities were, so we kicked in some of the projects we thought would work well, that would qualify for Federal dollars,” explains Vining.

Highway 28, within the City, was one of the items on the list, says Vining. “We’ve got it fixed from Lakeland out, so the next phase of that is to do an improvement from 54th to 50th avenue, which is Veterans’ Way or main street. There’s some synergy there, because it’s the only access point to get to the Base, which is Federal.” The City has three separate projects that all link into improving that intersection, reports Vining, “there’s a main road improvement, there’s a whole new intersection improvement for right at that corner, and there’s some improvements that have to be done on those laneways. It all relates directly with how the community meshes in with the Base.”

Also on the list was a storm water project, says Vining, these projects help prevent floods and the Federal Government is typically favourable to funding prevention projects. City Council was not given a timeline as to when they would hear back from MP Yurdiga or if there would be further steps; such as submitting applications or proposals.

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