Wednesday , 18 May 2022
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Lions Park to get a Dog Park

The old soccer fields at Lions Park could be transforming into a dog park, reports Cold Lake City Council. Council met for their Corporate Priorities meeting this week and one of the big topics of discussion was adding a second dog park to the City, says Councillor for the City of Cold Lake Chris Vining.

“We’ve been talking about it for awhile,” reports Vining, “we did a Trails & Parks Master Plan a couple of years ago, but then the Base took over doing an off-lease around on Martineau (4-Wing Cold Lake).” The are a couple issues that have lead the City to look into developing a second dog park, says Vining, “it’s not fenced and it’s quite a ways away for everyone in town. We’ve had some people ask about doing something in the city, closer and doing something fenced.”

Recreation & Culture Department had also asked Council to look into putting a dog park in a one-acre parcel of Imperial Park, near the Energy Centre. Although, Council has not ruled out that idea, they will look into developing Lions Park first, says Vining. “Council asked to have a look and see if there’s a spot on the Master Plan (of the Energy Centre and Imperial Park) to put one and then we’ll see. Who knows in the future? It might be something to look at down the road to put one there and have two.”

Lions Park would be more timely for the City to develop and a lot more cost-efficient. “There’s some good synergy with Lions Park, because it’s very accessible to Millenium Trail, it has its own parking lot, and it’s right by the Humane Society.” Council ended the discussion by directing City Administration to get some numbers together to determine how much the project will cost and Council will make a decision from there.

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