Wednesday , 18 May 2022

Bonnyville Moves Ahead with Pool Study

After a lot of concern from the community, the Town of Bonnyville will be conducting a study of the swimming pool to determine its feasibility. The study will be done during the summer while the pool is shut down for the regrouting project. Mayor of Bonnyville, Gene Sobolewski explains the Town would like more information so they can make a decision as to what’s next for the pool. There’s no way of making a decision as to whether to continue operating the pool as is, to upgrade or expand, or to close and build a new pool without a feasibility study being done.

The Town received proposals from three firms, none were local companies, Manasc Isaac (Edmonton), BAR Engineering (Lloydminster), and ATB Architecture (Edmonton). The low bid came from Manasc Isaac, who came in $20,000 under the next lowest bidder. The reason for their low bid was the company was able to conduct a primarily study while they were in town working on another project.

Manasc Issac’s proposal includes:

  • An existing building condition survey & facility evaluation
  • Review of Architectural, electrical, mechanical, & structural systems
  • Competition of a preliminary energy model to identify enhancements & potential improvements using a new building envelope
  • Identification of opportunities to improve comfort, performance, & appearance
  • Provision of viable scenarios regarding the facility, including vision & cost-benefits of each

– Town of Bonnyville

Council awarded the bid put in by Manasc Isaac and moved to allocate $25,000 to the 2016 Capital Budget to fund the project.

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