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Celebrating the Women who Enhance & Invigorate Cold Lake

The nominees for the Cold Lake Women of Influence Awards have been announced. 27 women have been recognized as nominees for the 2016 awards, which will take place March 4th at the Harbour View Community Centre in Cold Lake. Kathrine Lobb, administrator for the Women of Influence committee,

“Everyone who’s nominated, as long as they qualify, go on the nominee list,” Lobb explains the criteria, “as long as you work or are involved in the community in Cold Lake, your nomination will stand, even if you don’t live in Cold Lake. But, if you’re somebody who lives, and works, and does all your community involvement in another community, then your nomination would not stand.”

We are seeking to acknowledge women who use their individual strengths and abilities to further themselves, their families, their organizations and our community. Our Committee includes women from various professions who fill many roles within the community. We recognize the multitude of ways in which women contribute to make Cold Lake the successful, flourishing community it is. -Cold Lake Women of Influence Awards Committee

“The event is getting bigger and bigger every year, which is great!” tickets are available to the public at various locations in Cold Lake, as well as, the Lakeland Centre for FASD, says Lobb. “It’s important that women in our community get recognized. A lot of women, in our community, do a lot of great work, and we just expect it, or she just expects it, because that’s what you do. But they should get praise.”

“It’s a really fun night to get out and do some networking with your girlfriends, and celebrate these women!” Lobb says typically there’s more women in the audience than men, but it’s not a ladies’ night out. Lots of men attend to celebrate the women and show support to their spouse, or significant other.

For more information find The Cold Lake Women of Influence Awards online or Facebook.

The committee recognizes 27 nominees for the 2016 awards (in no particular order):Women of Influence Awards

  • Pennylynn Heffner
  • Martha Robertson
  • Agnes Gendron
  • Meredith Keizer
  • Kelly Eagles
  • Barbara Carroll
  • Sherly McCormick
  • Elaine Brisboise
  • Yvette Shostak
  • Corinne Beresford-Leeco
  • Grace Willie
  • Kelli Wispinski
  • Dayana Poter
  • Leanne Draper
  • Jody Lehr Turco
  • Nadine Friesen
  • Kathryn Hotte
  • Debbie Tercier
  • Marilyne Thir
  • Grace Schienbein
  • Liz MacPhee
  • Heather Ayres
  • Tasha Elliot
  • Rachel Ripkins
  • Pat Coulter
  • Sherri Bohme
  • Janelle Sloychuk
  • Oreen Skiba


There are five different awards categories:


This award celebrates the achievements of a woman who has demonstrated artistic achievements or contributions to the cultural community. She has cultivated greater visability and understanding of the value of the arts or worked to preserve and share her culture. She has encourages excellence and built new leadership within her sphere and has inspired others to appreciate and share artistic and cultural endeavors.


 This award celebrates the achievements of a woman who is successful within an established organization or her own business. She is a positive influence in her workplace and profession and has been identified as a trend setter by her peers. She has exhibited extraordinary leadership and growth to achieve her goals.


This award celebrates the achievements of a woman whose efforts have contributed to the well-being of her community and fellow community members. She exemplifies the spirit of community service, demonstrates exemplary initiative, leadership and creativity in her service to others. She serves as a role model for others in the community and inspires others to engage in the volunteer service. She improves the overall quality of life of individuals and the community as a whole.


This award celebrates the achievements of a woman who contributes to the mental and/or physical health of our community, either through employment or volunteerism. This is a woman who sets a positive example for wellness and encourages others to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. She is energetic, positive and encouraging and inspires others to be the same.


This award celebrates the achievements of a woman who has the tenacity, energy and fortitude to seek success for themselves, their employees and their communities. She has demonstrated outstanding leadership both with her company (organization) and her market, set the standards for originality, quality and successful management. She is a mentor, visionary, a leader, a successful woman and in all elements a trailblazer in her field. The Overall Woman of Influence will be selected by the Judging Committee from all of the nominations received



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