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The Dr. Margaret Savage Crisis Centre (DMSCC) is excited to announce the expansion of its successful Outreach Program to the town of Bonnyville and surrounding area starting the beginning of March.

The DMSCC currently assists clients from around the Lakeland in our shelter; this includes Cold Lake, Bonnyville, and surrounding communities. There has been a need to offer Outreach services in Bonnyville for some time and now the resources are in place to do so.

“Ensuring that we are able to reach those who need our services is very important to us. We don’t just help those who stay in our shelter, but we also endeavour to help and support people before they find themselves in the situation where they have to stay with us,” said Susan White, Executive Director of the DMSCC.

The challenge with offering these services in Bonnyville has always been access to resources and the distance for our workers to travel. We now have funding to offer the program and an Outreach Worker to deliver it. The DMSCC has been in discussions with FCSS Bonnyville to assist with finding office space in the area.

The Outreach Program will offer group sessions such as ‘Empowering Women’ which will discuss topics such as healthy relationships, self-defense and self esteem among others. It will also include one on one client contact that focuses on confidential support and offer access to resources with other community agencies.

“Not only will our qualified staff be offering a series of programs, they will also be providing public education in the local area,” added White. “We hope to work with the schools and other youth organizations to offer Healthy Relationship workshops to young teens. This would focus on discussions surrounding effective communication, sexual consent and the foundations of a healthy relationship.”

In order to expand this program, there was also a requirement for transportation that would allow our Outreach Workers the ability to travel to clients and presentations. The DMSCC approached the local car dealerships to see if they were able to help, and Lake City Motor Products exceeded expectations.

“We wish we could have given a deal of two for one,” said Debbie Tercier, General Manager at Lake City Motor Products. “But we did recognize there was a great need for the staff at the DMSCC to be able to reach their clients and travel to all the surrounding communities where they are needed. We were happy to provide two safe, reliable and fuel efficient vehicles at a great cost by donating part of the purchase price back to the centre.”

The total discount on the vehicles was approximately $12,000 which ensured the DMSCC was able meet its goals.

“We require resources to be able to reach those that need our services most, however we are still a non-profit and the idea of purchasing the two vehicles we needed seemed out of reach,” said White. “But Lake City Motor Products made this possible for us; their generosity is appreciated more than they know.”

More information about the new services offered at the Dr. Margaret Savage Crisis Centre will be made available once a permanent office space has been established in Bonnyville.

*Press Release from the Dr Margaret Savage Crisis Centre

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