Sunday , 22 May 2022
Dr. Margaret Savage Crisis Centre.

Dr. Margaret Savage Crisis Centre to Bring Outreach Worker to Bonnyville

The Dr. Margaret Savage Crisis Centre is looking for space in Bonnyville to expand their facility. Councillors Jim Cheverie, is a member of the FCSS committee, which is assisting the women’s crisis centre in this venture. Cheverie explained to Town Council that the expansion in Bonnyville would benefit a lot of woman in the community.

“The Crisis Centre is a regional operation, that’s in Cold Lake,” Cheverie explains the centre has hired a new position, “it’s going to be located in Bonnyville. A full-time outreach worker on behalf of the Dr. Margaret Savage Crisis Centre. They have all the funding for the expenses, salaries, etc. They’re looking for sponsorship for their office space, they’re going to direct that through FCSS, because it serves both the Town and the MD.” Cheverie explains that the FCSS board will handle that request as it comes in. “It’s really good to see that this position has been established,” states Cheverie.

The Crisis Centre also intends to go into middle schools and help Grade 8 girls. According to the Crisis Centre, studies have identified this age as a changing point in a young person’s life. It’s when emotional issues strike and shape a young people’s life.

“It’s very nice to have an outreach working in Bonnyville, who will be helping address some of these issues that affect young people’s lives,” states Councillor Cheverie.

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