Sunday , 3 July 2022

Town of Elk Point to Help Fund RRTS

The Riverland Recreational Trail Society (RRTS) has entered a new three-year agreement with the Town of Elk Point. The Town has agreed to help fund the society $504.00 per year for three years. The deal is the same as the Town had previously had with the society from 2012-2015, explains Councillor Lorne Young and Elk Point’s contribution is based on population.

Each of the partners of RRTS provided funding based on per capita,” Young explains how the amount of funding Elk Point would contribute was determined. Other municipalities, such as Bonnyville, Cold Lake, the MD of Bonnyville, St. Paul, and the County of St. Paul have made similar funding agreements with RRTS.

Young explains RRTS President, Marvin Bjornstad presented Council with a three-year agreement for funding, “he presented us with the work they’ve been able to do and the improvements to the trail.” RRTS is a non-profit organization that maintains, operates, and develops the Iron Horse Trail.

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