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Cold Lake RCMP Briefs


Early Morning Assault 

On December 17th, at 7:00 am, Cold Lake RCMP were dispatched, due to a report of an assault, to a residence on the northend of the City. An investigation concluded that a 42 year old female, from Cold Lake, had assaulted another female and stole money from the second female.

The 42 year old has been charged with robbery, uttering threats and forcible confinement. The female has been remanded into custody until her December 23rd court date. Alcohol is believed to be a factor in the incident.


Intoxicated Male Walking Around the City

On December 12th, at 9:30 pm, Cold Lake RCMP received a call of an intoxicated male walking around the City. The caller had informed police the man left around 3:00 pm and hadn’t returned. The caller provided police with a description of the individual. RCMP located the male, who was determined to be on an undertaking, and was under breach of the undertaking for consuming alcohol.

The 33 year old male, from Frog Lake, was located inside the Twisted Lizard, consuming alcohol, while under conditions not to. He was arrested and brought before a justice of the peace, where he was released under cash bail.



Driving While Suspended 

During December 11-15th, 2015 there were three incidences of people driving while having a suspended license. According to Alberta Transportation, if you are caught driving a motor vehicle while your licence is suspended, you may go to jail. Jail terms for this offence are common. You will also face a large fine. In addition, your licence will be suspended for six more months. This new suspension won’t start until any existing suspension ends. The vehicle you are driving, whether you own it or not, will be seized and impounded for 30 days. All towing charges and impound fees will be charged to the registered owner of the vehicle.

On December 11th, at 9:00 pm, Cold Lake RCMP were on patrol and pulled over a vehicle traveling 30 km/hr in a 70 km/hr zone. The vehicle was holding up traffic. After the stop it was found that the driver, 27 year old female from Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation, Saskatchewan, had a suspended licence. She was charge with driving while unauthorized.

On December 12th, at 11:00 pm, Cold Lake RCMP were conducting a checkstop for driver sobriety. A vehicle approached the checkstop and it was determined the driver, a 39 year old female from Big Island Lake Cree Territory, Saskatchewan, had a suspended driver’s licence. She was charged with driving while unauthorized and was also charged with driving while intoxicated.

On December 15th, at 9:50 pm, Cold Lake RCMP conducted a traffic stop on Highway 28, near Casino Dene. The driver, 28 year old male, from Leoville, Saskatchewan, was determined to have a suspended licence. He was charged with driving while unauthorized, his vehicle was seized for 30 days, and he was also charged with driving while intoxicated.

National Checkstop Blitz

On December 4th, The Cold Lake RCMP participated in the Province-Wide Checkstop Blitz. During a 4-hour period on the 4th, the Cold Lake Detachment held four different stops throughout the City. The RCMP stopped and checked 120 vehicle, there was one charged due to impaired driving during the blitz. Two additional people were charged, both with roadside suspensions.



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