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You’ll Love Coming Home to Budget Blinds

Ben and Leila Fadeyiw love the ability to help their customers realize the potential of their home; function and fashion meets one. Blinds were once a after-thought in decorating, which is not the case anymore. With Budget Blinds your window decor is so-much more; it’s an inspiration, a starting point, and the finishing touch that brings life to your home.

Owner of Budget Blinds of NContest smallortheastern AB, Ben Fadeyiw says the ability to live in a community he loves, while owning his own business, is a dream come true. It’s an added bonus that he owns a business that is part of a world-wide recognized brand, Budget Blinds. This allows him to give his customers small town service, care and attention to detail; with the backing of a large company.


Ben’s story is a lot like many from the Lakeland, small town boy, from Bonnyville, falls in love with an even-smaller town girl, from Iron River. Girl moves to the Big City for school, boy follows. Only to return years later to raise a family in the same small town area; only a little bigger, Cold Lake.

It was the family aspect that had Ben leave the oil industry, with its demanding hours and stressful work environment, to explore owning a business. “I’ve always known I’d be a business owner, I just didn’t know what business,” explains Ben. After researching the company and attending a retreat, in California, to learn more, Ben and Leila saw Budget Blinds as the perfect fit, and 7 years ago started their venture into business ownership.



It’s quality of life and family for us – Ben Fadeyiw Budget Blinds of Northeastern AB

One thing that really drew Ben to the company was Budget Blinds 5 Year No Questions Asked Policy. Basically, the company would replace blinds, no questions asked, at no cost to the client or to Ben. That was put to the test, the very first client, Ben says he loves telling this story because it’s a true testament to the company’s integrity. “If it’s not manufactured related, you’re covered once for free,” Ben explains, “my very first customer in Cold Lake, her dog ripped apart the blind.” The customer had just spend money purchasing the blinds and sure enough her dog was spooked by a light outside and went to town on the blind. The customer was horrified, and so was Ben, thinking “is this warranty really going to come through?” Ben put the company to the test, “they sent us new blinds! We still laugh about it.” That honesty in the company’s guarantee struck Ben as something he’d only seen growing up in a small town, where a handshake was enough to seal a deal.

“I drive my kids to school every day,” Ben says family is the most important element in his and wife Leila’s lives; followed by giving back to the community. Ben is the Vice-President of the Cold Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce, which is where the support-your-neighbour mentality really grew on him, “if you can support each other, you should. That’s what it’s about, giving back to small towns.”

Giving back can even bring out the competitive side of Ben, Budget Blinds participates in an annual Food Drive, “on December 1st, we’re going around in our vans collecting food for the food drive. It’s part of a competition between local businesses on who can raise the most donations, then we take it to the Chamber and they weigh it.” Budget Blinds has yet to win the drive, though Ben is hopeful it’s their year. It’s all in good fun for a great cause. Ben and Leila have also helped prepare the Christmas Hampers at the Cold Lake Food Bank.

That’s the great thing about a small community, we know our customers & we’ve become friends with our customers. -Ben Fadeyiw Budget Blinds Northeastern Alberta

Budget Blinds is like a huge coop, there’s thousands of stores world-wide, working with the best venders and manufacturers in the industry, to make sure the customers get the best quality, at the best price. It also allows every independently-owned store to carry all of the 25 top brands in window decor, thousands of looks, and hundreds of colours, that give customers to ultimate choice in beautifying their home. The showroom in Cold Lake has great examples of both popular and unique looks; as well as, cost saving blinds that lock in the most heat, essential for Northern Alberta winters. And if you’re not able to come to Cold Lake, Ben will bring the showroom to you! The Budget Blinds vans you see all over the Lakeland aren’t for chauffeuring kids to soccer practice, they’re actually full of samples of blinds, fabric and hardware.

Budget Blinds Van

Budget Blinds does drapes, and the hardware to go along with the classic look. Drapes are a great way to bring style and comfort to any room. Budget Blinds carries 40,000 different fabric options for drapes and lots of hardware to complete any room. “Dressing drapes is really important,” having dealt with many brands, styles, and fabrics, Ben knows his stuff. You may be able to find lesser quality drapes for a lesser price, but there’s a reason they’re so cheap. Budget Blinds shops the world to find the best prices and the highest quality; there’s samples in the Cold Lake showroom from popular manufacturers from North America, Europe and beyond.

We love working hard, Monday through Friday, we pour it on. It’s a lot of fun – Ben Fadeyiw Budget Blinds of Northeastern AB

Having the showroom was a dream come true for the Fadeyiw, Ben started from one van driving samples of blinds, fabric, drapes and hardware, all over Northeastern Alberta. While Leila received customer qualifying and handled the books from the family basement; with toddlers at her ankles. The couple found space in Cold Lake just off Highway 28, 4819 51st street. Ben put in endless hours building the space, which has a rustic-country feel with stylish window treatments throughout the space. Ben built custom displays in the open ceiling showroom and Leila dresses the room for the different seasons; gold and silver Christmas trees stand tall in the showroom window and beautiful sparkly snowflakes hang from the rafters. The showroom was built with the heart and pride, that comes with small business ownership.

Budget Blinds services all over Northeastern Alberta; St Paul, Bonnyville, Cold Lake, Lac La Biche, Athabasca, Morinville, Westlock, Barrhead. There’s a satellite location in Morinville, and mobile showrooms that’ll come to you. Free in-home consultation and you can order fabric swatches right to your door. Budget Blinds carries every look and function you can image; blinds, verticals, wood blinds or faux wood shutter, shades, drapes and rods, child-safe blinds, UV protection and energy efficient blinds. Visit them online, budgetblinds.com/coldlake, for more information and like them on Facebook for great deals and fun tips.

Typically, it’s 3 weeks from initial phone call to install – Ben Fadeyiw Budget Blinds of Northeastern AB



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