Saturday , 25 September 2021

MD of Bonnyville Passes Clubroot Policy

Council passed a policy to control the spread of Clubroot Disease in Canola. The policy enables the M.D. to provide enforcement of the Agricultural Pest Act to protect the land and livelihood of local agricultural producers. It allows for random inspections and identification of Clubroot Disease.

If land has been verified as positive for Clubroot, the M.D. can place a restriction on the growth of Canola, mustard or any other susceptible crop for a period of four years. Producers will also have to use a Clubroot-resistant Canola variety in the fourth year. Volunteer Canola and cruciferous weeds must be controlled on infested fields before three weeks growth has occurred to prevent the production on new resting spores.

Any land sown to such a crop in contravention of the terms will be destroyed as per the Agricultural Pest Act. All adjacent landowners and/or occupants to the affected land will be notified in writing that Clubroot is present.

*Press Release from the MD of Bonnyville

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