Tuesday , 21 September 2021

Elk Point Debates Speed Bumps

Elk Point Town Council received a letter from a concerned resident that addressed speeding and unsafe driving incidents in residential areas. The resident suggested the Town put in speed bumps in the areas of concern. Town Council is now debating whether or not this idea would be practical says Councillor, for the Town of Elk Point, Lorne Young.

“It’s in regards to residents at the Fort George Manor,” a senior citizens home on 49 avenue, says Young, “they park behind the building and they go in and out through the back alley.” There have been incidences of speeding through this particular alley, explains Young, “the way the alley is constructed is there’s a curve on the one end and [drivers] are going around it too fast.”

“They’ve requested that we put in a speed bump,” Young explains this could be a slippery slope for the Town, should they decide to approve their request. It could result in multiple residential areas requesting speed bumps. “We would be getting requests all over town, so we’re going to see if we could address this in some other way,” explains Young.



We deferred this decision to a Public Works meeting later this month. –  Councillor Lorne Young

Following the Public Works meeting, Town Council will meet on November 23rd to make a decision on whether or not speed bumps will be installed at Fort George Manor or any other residential areas in Elk Point.

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