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November is Family Violence Prevention Month

The Cold Lake RCMP recognizes November as Family Violence Prevention Month. Staff Sergeant (S/Sgt.) Jeremie Landry says family violence prevention is an important initiative for the detachment and community.

Violence in the home strikes at the heart of society. Anyone in a violent relationship experiences a loss when the one place where they should be safe and secure is a place of danger. Family violence is a crime.  Family Violence Prevention month is significant not only to the Cold Lake RCMP but to the City of Cold Lake, the surrounding communities in Alberta and all communities in Canada. In order to create healthy family relationships, promote gender equality and end violence, the Cold Lake RCMP is working in partnership with local agencies to promote and educate the public about Family Violence. – S/Sgt Landry

There are many different types of violence, some more recognizable than others, but each significant in the impact they have on individuals and society.

Family Violence is defined as any use of physical or sexual force, actual or threatened, in an intimate relationship. It may include a single act of violence, or a number of acts forming a pattern of abuse through the use of assaultive and controlling behavior. The pattern of abuse may include: criminal harassment, financial control, isolation from family and friends, property damage, and emotional/psychological abuse which includes: threats, insults, ridicule. -S/Sgt Landry

There are many programs in Alberta and each individual community that can assist those who are affected by family violence. It can often be tough for someone to ask for help or speak of violence that is happening at home or in intimate relationships. These relationships include current and former dating, marriage, or common-law relationships, as well as, same sex relationships.

Family violence does occur in Cold Lake. To date in 2015, the Cold Lake RCMP responded to 819 reported family violence occurrences-S/Sgt Landry

There are local programs in Cold Lake, such as Victim Services, and Emergency Prevention Programs, Dr. Margaret Savage Women’s Shelter, that can help assist those in need. There are legal remedies in place, such as Emergency Protection Orders, that can provide immediate assistance to those affected by family violence.

There will be various events in November to recognize Family Violence Prevention Month:

  • Walk for Peace
  • Family Violence Prevention Information Booths throughout the City
  • Candlelight Vigil
  • Family Violence Presentation from the Cold Lake RCMP
  • Cold Lake Victim Services Presentation: The Past & Present RCMP’s involvement in dealing with Domestic Violence

In the City of Cold Lake, there is A Better Way Men’s and Women’s group program which provides participants with the education, skills and resources they require to make the necessary changes in their relationships and to resolve conflicts peacefully. This program is offered in the Fall and Spring. Please contact the FCSS for further information

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