Saturday , 25 September 2021

City of Cold Lake will Help Fund Improvements to Baywood Road

The MD of Bonnyville approached the City of Cold Lake in January during a joint council meeting to assist in funding improvements to Baywood Road. The road serves as the back road into the city and is heavily traveled by Cold Lake residents, so it only made sense for the City to approve funding. The original ask was for the City to fund $1 million of the $7 million dollar project, there will also be federal and provincial grants involved in the funding of the project.

Seeing as it is a major project, the MD was able to complete a portion of the roadway and approached the City of Cold Lake to fund their percentage of the completed work.  On October 27th, 2015 City Council approved to contribute $167,200 (22% of the costs to date) from the 2016 Capital Budget for the reconstruction of Baywood Road and direct administration to further negotiate the terms of a contribution agreement for the balance of the $1 million commitment for Baywood Road for future Council consideration.

Mayor of Cold Lake Craig Copeland explains, “we paid a percentage of what the MD paid out to date. We’ll go from there and let Kevin [Nagoya] work with the MD staff on future contributions to the project and when the MD is going to continue work on the road.”

“We recognize it’s a major road from the MD into the city,” Mayor Copeland says the City recognizes that the road is used by both Cold Lake and MD residents, “we’re just helping out a little.”

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