Saturday , 25 September 2021

Hopes to Install Radar Dome on Cold Lake Museum Grounds

Representatives from the Cold Lake Museum presented City Council with plans for the future of the museum; one plan included installing a radar dome on museum grounds. Mayor of Cold Lake, Craig Copeland explains the presentation served as the groups first meeting with Council with the hope to receive funding in the future.

“The museum’s done a great job revitalizing and rejuvenating the building,” explains the mayor, “they’ve worked hard with the air force,” to make the museum a key attraction for the City.

Representing the Cold Lake Museum Society at Council was, Chairman Chris Holoboff and Curatorial Manager Linda Dunn. “They talked about trying to get a radar dome from the base and have it installed on the grounds of the museum,” says Mayor Copeland. “That would be huge, you’d be able to see it from the highway.”

“They’re working on what the cost is going to be,” Mayor Copeland explains the society met in front of Council as a delegation; which is an initial stage to eventually requesting funding for a particular project.

Mayor Copeland says Council will bring the museum’s interests into the budget deliberations in mid-November. “We’ll work on the 2016 Budget. Right now, for operating capital it’ll be a big-huge budget and we’ll have to make some tough decisions, and go forward.”

The Mayor says there’s no way of knowing which groups or projects will receive funding until the budget deliberations begin and explains there are many worthy causes and projects for Council to consider.

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