Saturday , 25 September 2021

Cold Lake Food Bank Returns Funding to the City

The Cold Lake Food Bank, operating through the Community Baptist Church, returned funding to the City of Cold Lake after receiving better-than expected donations. The Cold Lake Food Bank Society was previously granted $17, 677 in funding through the City; however after taking over full responsibility and ownership of the food bank the society realizes it is no longer in need of the funding and approached Council to return the funds.

“There was motion on the books to give the food bank the funding,” Craig Copeland, Mayor of Cold Lake explains the Pastor of the Community Baptist Church, Phil Crump came to Council and up-dated the Councillors on the food bank’s status. “What Phil [Crump] told us is, ‘right at this time, we don’t need funding.’ Through the donations in the community and watching their costs, they’re getting by without needing [City] funding.”

Mayor Copeland laughs at the unusual situation, “it’s very rare that people say they don’t need the funding. Which saves us some money, so that’s great!”

The Cold Lake Food Bank underwent some managerial changes at the beginning of October; which is composed of a group of 14 churches from the City and out-of-town, including Pierceland. A few operational changes were involved in the managerial changes; including people being able to receive supplies at smaller intervals.

For example, in the past a family would receive a hamper of food every three weeks, under the new management families are eligible for a hamper every two weeks. On top of that, if a food bank user is in need of one or two items, they may pick the item(s) up anytime the food bank is open; rather than waiting until he/she is eligible for a hamper.

Approximately, 100 adults and 100 children use the food bank every month; just over 60 hampers are given away each month. Patrons of the food bank come from the City and surrounding areas; Cold Lake First Nations, Elizabeth Settlement, Ardmore, Pierceland, and 4-Wing Cold Lake.

The Food Bank is open Wednesdays at the Community Baptist Church from 10:00 am – 2:30 pm.

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