Wednesday , 6 July 2022

Elk Point’s 1st Ever Town-Wide Scarecrow Competition a Huge Hit

The 1st Ever Town-Wide Scarecrow Competition in Elk Point has found its winners. The competition kicked off at the beginning of October as a way to celebrate Fall and the harvest season. Elk Point Recreation Coordinator, Jena Colbourne, says she was very impressed by the amount of participation and the quality of the scarecrows.

“We had so many fantastic entries, all of them homemade, and all unique,” Colbourne says the Town has been putting on more competitions, such as the scarecrow. “It’s a great way for the town to participate and get excited about living in Elk Point. It also makes the town look really festive.” Colbourne is certain that the 2nd Ever Scarecrow Competition will see even more entries and this is just the first of many fun harvests to come.

“Our huge Extravaganza is coming up November 21st, it’s a full day of family friendly events and there will be a contest tied to the day,” Colbourne wouldn’t release too many details, other than the contest kicks off the first week of November.

There is also an annual Christmas Lights decorating competition that will be held throughout the holiday season.

The Winners of the Scarecrow Competition 


3rd Place: Donna Bassett $50

2nd Place: Kaitlyn Orr $75

1st Place: Christina Moores $125


3rd Place: Knotty Boyz $50

2nd Place: Elk Point Municipal Library $75

1st Place: ATB $125


Honourable Mentions Residential

Honourable Mentions Business


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