Wednesday , 18 May 2022

Plans for 5th Annual Operation Red Nose Underway

Cold Lake’s Operation Red Nose is preparing for its fifth season with the help of Cold Lake Victim Services and the Cold Lake RCMP Detachment. Operation Red Nose strives to help eliminating drinking and driving during the holiday season, as well as, promote safe practices when consuming alcohol.

Starting in November the non-profit organization will be reaching out to community members to volunteer for various crucial roles to help make the operation successful. Operation Red Nose works on three person volunteer teams, explains Cold Lake Victim Services Program Manager Dave Zimmerman, “teams of three, plus a dispatcher. The team of three goes into a vehicle, which are volunteered, and picks up someone at a bar or house party, for example. Two people get into the client’s vehicle, a driver and a navigator. [The client] and any other passengers, friends, they have to go into the back of the vehicle and there must be enough seat belts for everyone. Then, we’ll drive them to their designated spot.” The third volunteer would follow in an Operation Red Nose volunteered vehicle and pick up the driver and navigator after they deliver the client and passengers safely at their desired location.

“The idea of Operation Red Nose,” explains Zimmerman, “is you drive people and their vehicle home safely.”

The service is free, says Zimmerman, “however, we are accepting donations, which go towards Cold Lake Victim Services for child victims.” Donations will be directed to buy material for youth on grief and loss, as well as, training volunteer advocates to help child victims.

Starting November 2nd, Cold Lake Victim Services will be accepting applications to volunteer for Operation Red Nose. To put in an application you may contact Dave Zimmerman at 780-594-3302 or via the Cold Lake RCMP Detachment. There will be a security check on anyone interested in volunteering.

The program will also accept donations or volunteer appreciation gifts; such as gift cards to restaurants or fuel cards.

Operation Red Nose Schedule (9:00 pm – 3:00 am)

  • November 27-28
  • December 4-5
  • December 11-12
  • December 18-19
  • December 31st


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