Sunday , 3 July 2022

City of Cold Lake Considers Transit Route to Kinosoo Ridge

Cold Lake Transit could see a winter route providing a shuttle service to the Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort. The possibility of including the route was discussed at the October 20 Corporate Priorities meeting, where Councillors expressed their support for administration to continue to make plans for adding the route.

“The ski hill is a very popular destination in the winter, but accessibility can be a challenge for busy families or younger people who want to make the trip on their own,” Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland said. “If it ends up being a viable option, this would be a great alternative for people to get out to the ski hill and back.”

Administration presented a tentative plan to run the Kinosoo Ridge route on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The bus would likely make two to three round trips from the main transfer point at the Tri City Mall to the Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort.

The bus times would be planned to coincide with the ski hill’s opening, the beginning of its half day-rate and the ski hill’s closing. Administration proposed that there be a fee for the bus service in the neighbourhood of $5 per round trip.

Council also heard that there would be several logistical hurdles for administration to overcome, including ensuring that the bus could make the proper turning movements to enter and exit the ski hill and to work out how riders would transport their equipment on the bus.

“Our staff are looking at adding racks either inside or outside of the bus so that riders could bring their equipment,” Kevin Nagoya, the City’s Chief Administrative Officer, said. “There are a few unknowns – this would be a unique expansion to a very new service – but we feel that this is an opportunity worth exploring.”

Cold Lake Transit currently operates two routes with three buses, one of which is used as a backup when maintenance and repairs are necessary. The new route would mean that two additional buses would be brought online – one to operate the Kinosoo Ridge route and another as an additional backup bus.

Administration will bring the bylaw amendments and plans necessary to enable the proposed service back to council at a future meeting for further consideration.

*Press Release from the City of Cold Lake

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