Saturday , 28 May 2022

Bandits Looking Ahead to League Finals

The Bonnyville Bantam Bandits continue to be undefeated with a huge 55-12 win over the Lloydminster Chargers on Saturday. The boys are poised well as the finish off one more regular season game this weekend and then head into playoffs, says Head Coach Dan Jubinville.

“The Chargers are the second best team in the league. The only two games that they’ve lost this season is against us.” Jubinville says the Bandits have been very successful this year, but like any sports enthusiast he doesn’t want to jinx his team, “a streak is a streak, but hopefully we don’t fall short in the playoffs.”

The playoffs are coming up quick for the Bandits, who are already guaranteed a spot in the semi-finals. “The last league game is this weekend, we play Cold Lake,” Jubinville expects to be able to give the full team some time on the field, “we’re hoping to get a lot of our substitutes in, because it’s a game no matter win or lose we stick to first place. The game is just a record, win or lose, is all it is.”

The Bandits have already secured home field for the semi-finals, says Jubinville, “we’re already far enough ahead we don’t need to worry about having a playoff game at home.” The semi-finals will be held on Halloween, October 31st on Walsh Field. “October 31st is the semis for seed 1 and seed 2, we were the highest seed, so there’ll be a playoff game in Bonnyville and a game in Lloyd.”

Jubinville explains from the standings it looks as though Bonnyville will meet St. Paul in the semis, depending on the Voyageurs finish this weekend the Bandits expect to play at 1:00 pm. Costumes are welcome, “as long as they’re red,” jokes Jubinville. “We’ve never played a playoff game on Halloween, it’ll definitely be an interesting game, there will be lots going on and we hope there will be lots of people walking around while we’re having our game.”

“After we win on the 31st, we’re back home on the 7th,” Jubinville confidently states, “it will be the first time we’ll have a league final in Bonnyville.”

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