Sunday , 3 July 2022

Shannon Stubbs Wins Lakeland Riding

While Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party may have taken Canada’s majority leadership in the October 19th election, the Conservative party took Alberta. The sea of blue extended to the Lakeland Riding where Shannon Stubbs won the election to become a Member of Parliament (MP). Stubbs won my an overwhelming 32,054 votes

I am proud to represent the constituents of Lakeland and I will make it my mission to promote Alberta and Alberta energy to the rest of Canada. I will keep advocating for the values and principles I ran on: lower taxes to empower Canadians and job creating businesses, free trade, safety and security, putting the rights of victims first in the justice system, and Canadian values and human rights.

I appreciate all the hours and hard work my volunteers across the riding contributed to re-elect a Conservative as their representative. They have worked their hearts out during hundreds of hours of effort across our big riding and I am so grateful for all their contributions and sacrifices.

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