Sunday , 27 September 2020

Bonnyville’s Plans for New Town Hall Put on Hold

After concerns were raised by Town Council that there may be higher priorities than building a new town hall, the project has been put on hold. Mayor of Bonnyville Gene Sobolewski explains the hold is not long-term and will be addressed before the end of the month.

“After some concerns were raised by some of the Councillors, in terms of the overall priorities, and the impact the Town Hall is going to have,” Mayor Sobolewski says Council still intends to build a new hall, they just need to better understand what kind of impact the build would have on the five and ten year budgets. “Basically, we decided to postpone the decision and we scheduled another meeting on the 29th.”

At the meeting Council will be provided with more details so they can make the best decision possible, says the Mayor, “at that time administration will be able to get more information to Council that they would need. The concept of the town hall was something that was relatively new from the planning perspective, so [Council] wanted to take a look at what kind of impact it would have on the longer range.”


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