Sunday , 3 July 2022

Speeding in Residential Areas a Concern in Bonnyville

The Bonnyville Community Policy Committee presented Town Council with ideas to help reduce speeding on 43rd and 45th avenue in the residential area of Bonnyville. The residential avenues are some of the more utilized roads in Bonnyville due to the fact that the two middle schools, Dr. Brosseau and HE Bourgoin, link on them; as well as, a side connection to Ecole des Beaux Lacs. Mayor Gene Sobolewki explains the group proposed ideas for more stop signs for the side roads linking to the avenues.

“The Policing Committee made recommendations to put a bunch of stop signs on all the side roads entering on to all the side roads entering onto those avenues,” after some deliberations, Council ultimately decided this may be a good idea in theory, but would do little to reduce speeding and unsafe driving on the streets.

“As a mechanism to reduce speed and stunting, we need to take a look at that because there’s an awful lot of stop signs as it is. For the avenues themselves, they’re quite lengthy roads and we didn’t really see the merits to putting all the stop signs where they have yield signs now,” explains Mayor Sobolewski.

Council having felt this option would not reduce speeding, and asked the committee to take another approach to the project. Council would love to be able to reduce speeding and stunting, says Mayor Sobolewski, however this may not be the best approach”from a speeding perspective, Council kinda raised their eyebrows a little bit and decided this isn’t going to reduce speeding or even stunting, because people are still gonna do the jackrabbit starts and things like that regardless of the signs.”


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