Sunday , 22 May 2022

Notre Dame High Performs Free Concert at C2

Notre Dame High School in Bonnyville, is one of three schools in Canada, that have been selected to showcase their music program by the Alberta Catholic School Trustee Association (ACSTA). Their performance will be held, free for the public, at the Centennial Centre hub, today, October 15th.

Band Teacher, Chevone Winter-Halt says it’s a great honour to be able to showcase her students talents for the community, “it’s a chance for us to get recognition. It’ll be produced nationally, and it’s great promotion for ourselves and our band.”

Notre Dame band has expanded, explains Winter-Halt, “our band program has increased quite a bit, with the increase of our students involved; as well as, their achievements.” There’s about 20 students participating in band, from grade 9 to 12, “some of them can play two or three different instruments,” boast Winter-Halt, who also notes there will be a wide range of instruments at the concert. “The students have kinda hit a musical mid-life crisis,” jokes Winter-Halt who explains many students have trouble picking one instrument to focus on, something the teacher is happy for, as it allows them to explore many talents.

“It’ll be a great chance for the kids to see the community supporting them.” The concert, which will be filmed, starts at 4:00 pm at the C2 and will feature three songs.


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