Wednesday , 6 July 2022

Scott Cyr Endorses Conservatives

Election day is on the horizon and while many Canadians are still undecided, Bonnyville-Cold Lake MLA Scott Cyr says he believes the Conservative party is best for Canada.

Locally, Scott Cyr says he is backing the two Conservatives in his riding, “I am endorsing Shannon Stubbs and David Yuriga.” Both candidates are seeking seats in the Federal Government as Members of Parliment (MP). Stubbs for the Lakeland riding and Yuriga for the newly formed Fort McMurray-Cold Lake riding.

“I believe Stephen Harper is the way of the future for Canada,” states Cyr, “through his leadership, we will get through this energy recession.” Cyr believes that the way to economic stability is through pipelines, a stance he shares with Prime Minister Harper.

Cyr expresses he displeasure with the current state of investment in pipelines from the provincial government, “we haven’t seen investment from the Alberta NDPs towards [pipelines]. So if we don’t have our own provincial Ministers and Premier defending these pipelines, then we need somebody. Stephen Harper has shown that he is that man, already, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do.”

Cyr explains a real problem the province is facing by not developing pipelines and the oil industry, “there’s something called ‘the spread’ that [Alberta] has. You might see oil selling at $50 a barrel. Our oil is sometimes selling at $30-35 a barrel. That spread is because we have too much oil in Alberta. We can’t get the darn stuff out.”

Cyr explains pipelines are needed to solve the spread, “in order to reduce the spread, we need pipelines to get our oil to other points of sale. In mind opinion, it’s crazy that Eastern Canada is buying oil from outside of Canada. The Energy East line is almost a must.”

Foreign markets will also play a huge part in helping Alberta’s economy, says Cyr, “we have China, who wants to buy our oil, but we have no way of getting it to the west.” The NDP government appears unwilling to solve this major issue, “the Premier outright said that [the NDPs] do not want to increase the sale of oil down to the States, through the Keystone.”

“We have a real problem trying to get our oil out. This will only cause the spread to grow to the point where it’s uneconomical for companies to produce oil,” Cyr explains the reality of not investing pipelines or oil industry development. “Even if oil goes back up, we still won’t be able to get a good price for it, because we can’t get it to the markets. That means less royalties and less money for the riding.”

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