Wednesday , 30 September 2020

Elk Point Developing a Business Plan

Council for the Town of Elk Point has been working for the past few months on developing a Strategic Plan and Action Plan. These two documents help the Town plan out how it plans to govern, where the Town would like to be, what services should be offered to the residents, and which areas the Town should focus on improving or developing.

Councillor Lorne Young says the Town has approved both documents and now they will move onto developing a Business Plan, “basically, we get more and more specific.” The Town’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Ken Gwozdz, will draft the Business Plan, explains Young, “Ken is going to bring us a Business Plan and that will have dollars attached with the plans for what we are going to do.”

There are some elements that the Town has already started on, including a new website, says Young, “that was one of the things identified in the Strategic Plan as needing changes. We’re not stopping and waiting for the Business Plan, we’re engaging it already.”  The Business Plan will, “chart our way forward as a Town. Everything from where are the areas that we want to spend money, to making services better for the Town, everything like that.”

The Business Plan for a municipality is much like a plan for a regular business, says Young, with goals and objectives that they hope to reach. All three documents are available to the public, (the Business Plan after it is developed and approved) and will be posted on Elk Point’s new website when it is developed.


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